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Since July 2017 all our listings on realestate.com.au are automatically upgraded to a Highlight Listing.

What is a Highlight Ad?

They are 4 times bigger than other ads, and appear higher up the search results. 
To be more precise, they appear above all Standard and Feature ads (and load first on mobile map search). 

Highlight Ads vs Standard Ads.

We compared the results of all our 200 properties (approx) for rent on realestate.com.au from:

  • Jan - June 2017 (All Standard Ads)
  • Jan - June 2018 (All Highlight Ads)

What we found:

  • From Jan - June 2018 (All Highlight Ads) we received over double the amount of enquiries on a per day basis compared to Jan - June 2017 (All Standard Ads). That was an exact increase of 119.68% (0.39 to 0.87 average enquiries per day).
  • We reduced our time on market by 50%! So if your rent is $500 per week that's $71.42 per day.

On average it takes 15 days from publishing to signed lease in Cubbi. (1)

In conclusion, Highlight Ads get more enquiries. Not only will you find a tenant sooner, but you'll also save a lot of money in vacancy costs.

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Interesting stats on realestate.com.au

  • 56% of consumers don’t look beyond the first page. (2)
  • 78% of tenants head straight to realestate.com.au to find their new home. (3)

realestate.com.au vs domain.com.au vs rent.com.au

Source: Hitwise, March 2018. (provided by realestate.com.au)

1. Taking into consideration properties that were published and the lease signed in Cubbi. 
2. Adobe Analytics, July 2015 to June 2016. (provided by realestate.com.au)
3. Residential Property Seeker Report, Nov 2016. (provided by realestate.com.au)