I have not received the bank verification deposit

After you click 'Send deposit' after adding a new bank account into Cubbi you should see the small deposit in your bank account within 30 seconds.

If you have not got it check that your bank is in this list. If it is NOT in this list you will need to allow for normal bank processing times (eg 1 business day).

If your bank account is in that list above:

1. Check if you have entered the correct bank account details

2. Wait 1 business day (just in case it was sent via normal EFT transfer) before checking again. The small deposit will come from 'Cubbi verification deposit'. (When we take it out of your account the description will be 'Cubbi verification retrieval'). If you have to log back into Cubbi later, to enter the amount, follow these steps.

3. Send us a message and we'll get it sorted for you.

Bank Account Verification