For Lease Signs


  • Help people find your property - especially for inspections.
  • Attracts local people (and their friends) to your inspections.
  • Brings a professional edge to your inspections.

Our Cubbi for lease signs are:

  • $149
  • 1200x900mm (4x3) large signboard. (size excluding legs)
  • Installed within 1-2 business days.
  • Removed when the property is leased. You don't need to do a thing.

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Optional extras

  • Name and phone number sticker for an extra $25 (total $174). By default, the sign comes with our 1300 enquiry line. 
  • Unit number sticker for an extra $25
  • Email if you would like any of the optional extras.

There are no options to get an additional 'Open Home Sign' (the small ones that agents use) because they are too expensive to purchase (~$200 each) however an alternative is to print an A4 document and slip it into a clear sleeve and sticky tape it to your sign. You can use this template.


  • Maximum time period is 1 year 
  • Missing signs will incur a $200 replacement fee
  • Most areas are covered however if your area is not covered you will receive an email after purchase with an option of refund or flatpack sign board. Flatpack sign boards are 1200mm x 900mm (4x3), Corflute Only. They must be installed yourself (but very easy) and you keep the sign.  This is an extra $130 (total $199).
  • If you have special installation instructions send us an email after you purchase the sign on Cubbi. For example: 'Please install on the far right side of the property and attach to the fence'. If you require the sign to be installed up high and/or hard to reach locations you may incur a special delivery fee - you will be notified about this.