How to contact Cubbi

Our aim is to prompt you every step of the renting journey. If you ever have a question or can't find something. We're here for you, so lets get it done.

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We've got over 200 articles carefully prepared to help you get an instant answer without waiting for anyone.

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Send a message

You can send a message from any page on Cubbi or email We typically respond within 3 hours.  

Send a message

Schedule a call

Is your thing a bit more complicated? Lets get on a call.

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Live chat

If we're available you'll see the Live Chat option when you send us a message.

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When is Live Chat available?

It depends on when we are available which is based on the current demand. 

Is there a number I can call?

No, you can only Schedule a Call. We know sometimes you just need to call up and speak to someone in your time. We are making improvements to help get the answers you need straightaway. The Schedule a Call feature works well because we're able to have the best person call you back and have the answer prepared before we got on the call, saving you time.