How do potential tenants contact me about my property listing?

Prospective renters can easily enquire about your property and automatically notify you. Here is how it works:

1. Email / online enquiry

When a renter views your listing on any website (e.g., Domain or your listing on Cubbi) they can send an online message. Every new online enquiry goes into your Cubbi Messenger and you will receive an email and SMS notification instantly. You can respond back to the prospective renter by replying to the email (within your email client e.g Gmail) or from your Cubbi Messenger. We recommend replying back from your Cubbi Messenger to easily manage your enquiries in one place and to keep your email address hidden.

2. Phone enquiry

All 3rd party websites ( and Domain) have a Property ID number at the top of the ad description. When prospective renters call the phone number displayed on the listing, they'll reach Cubbi's automated enquiry forwarding service. They are asked to key in the Property ID number, then they receive an instant SMS with your first name and phone number. You also receive an SMS notification warning you that someone is about to call about the property. Please note: phone enquiries do not go into your Cubbi Messenger.

If a prospective renter contacts Cubbi support (e.g. via email or chat) we direct them to send an online enquiry from your listing on Cubbi.

A prospective renter can apply for your property anytime (regardless if they have seen it or sent an enquiry previously). You will receive an email notification when an application is received.