How do potential tenants contact me about my property listing?

You never need to worry that potential tenants won't be able to contact you, we've got you covered!

Tenants can enquire in three ways and we automatically direct these enquiries straight to you. Here's a quick rundown on how enquiries work:

1. Enquiry message from your listing

When a tenant sees your listing on any of the websites it's advertised on, such as or Domain, they can use the Enquiry button to send you through a message. Cubbi doesn't receive these messages, they get sent directly to your inbox so you can start communicating with tenants straight away.

2. Automated telephone enquiry

All Cubbi listings have a Property ID number visible at the top of the ad. When a tenant calls the Cubbi number from the listing they'll reach our automated telephone enquiry service. 
They can input the Property ID and they'll instantly receive an sms with your name and number to the mobile they call from. You'll also receive their phone number by sms and email.

3. Contacting Cubbi

From time to time tenants contact Cubbi directly via our instant chat, email or phone about a property they are interested in. We'll pass on your details and let them know to contact you directly to arrange an inspection.