Can I re-list my property for free?

Regardless if you lease your property or want to pause your ad for renovations you can re-list your property on all the websites including and domain for free within 60 days of taking it down. You can do this within your dashboard providing the tenancy is not active yet (tenants are in and paying rent). If the tenant is breaking the lease contact us.

Important note about the Highlight upgrade: While the property is taken off the websites the Highlight upgrade on continues to countdown. To explain, the Highlight upgrade only lasts for the first 30 days starting from the day the property is published on so if you re-list the property again and it's over 30 days after you first advertised it will come back on as a standard listing on Similar is true with the 'new' red banner - they only last for the first 7 days of advertising on (The 'new' banner resets after 60 days from when the listing is removed from