How do tenants apply for a property?

Potential tenants who want to move in should click the ‘Apply’ button directly from the property listing on Cubbi. 

Many tenants will find the property on, Domain or just turn up at the inspection therefore here are 4 ways a potential tenant can start their application:

1. Enquiry auto-response

When a potential tenant sends through an enquiry from any of the websites, they'll receive an automated reply from Cubbi via email which has a button to go straight to the listing on Cubbi to apply.

2. Check-in app at inspections

People who come to inspections can easily register on the Cubbi check-in app. They'll then receive a welcoming message and the application link by SMS and email.

3. Get the link from your dashboard

As an owner, if you just want to send the link to the application form directly to your tenant you can copy and paste it directly from your dashboard. 

Click the 'Apply Form' button from your listing to go to the application form and copy and paste the URL to share.

4. Go to Cubbi

If ever in doubt a tenant can always just go to the Cubbi homepage. 

From the 'For Tenants' drop-down is the 'Apply for property' link. Follow the prompts from there.