How to download a Tenant Ledger

  1. Go to Transactions ($)
  2. Click on the round icon up the top with the 3 lines in it
  3. Click Tenant Ledger
  4. Select the Property and Tenancy
  5. The report is sent to your email

And, voila! 

What is a Tenant Ledger

It is a PDF report showing all tenant payments from the beginning of the tenancy. It does not include Owner expenses. 

What is Tenant Ledger suitable for

  • Rent arrears! Helps clear the air about what has been paid and not paid. 
  • Tribunal. You will need this document if you're going to Tribunal.
  • Owners can provide this to banks and mortgage brokers to show proof of rental income.
  • Tenants can show future Owners/agents their good payment records.


Here is a quick screenshot (with personal details blurred) of the Tenant Ledger.