One-off rent payments

Yes, a tenant can make one-off rent payments.

Will Cubbi continue to deduct normal rent payments if the tenant has already paid the rent for the upcoming rent period?

No. How it works is, on the day the rent falls due Cubbi looks at what is due and unpaid for the upcoming rent period, then it will deduct the correct amount owing for the rent period. On a normal basis its the standard rent payment as per the lease agreement. However, if you make one-off large rent payments in advance, on the day the rent falls due Cubbi would see that the upcoming rent period has already been paid so it will not deduct any rent. If part of the rent period has been paid it will deduct the amount owing for the rent period. For example, if rent falls due on a Wednesday each fortnight and one weeks rent has already been paid, Cubbi will deduct the other weeks rent owning for the two week rent period.

How to make one-off rent payments 

There is no interface right now for a tenant to make a one-off rent payment however we are always around to process the payment on the tenant's behalf. Contact us and we will process the payment for you. Simple.