What happens if the bond or first rent payment has not cleared yet?

Tenants should not be given the keys unless the first rent payment and bond has been paid. Paid means, received by Cubbi. You know it's been paid when it no longer shows in the Payments Due page and is now an item in the Transactions page.

We recommend the bond and first rent payment being made using quicker processing methods:

  • NPP (Instant)
  • BPAY (1-2 business days)

If a Direct Debit schedule is ON, the first rent payment is automatically deducted upon the lease being signed. In this case the tenant should provide evidence (bank statement/screenshots) of the payment going out of their bank account and bank balance at the time showing sufficient funds in the account (Some banks deduct the money but then realise the account is in a negative so they refund it straight away or the next day).