Register and lodge the bond with RTBA online Victoria

When the Tenant's bond payment has cleared follow these steps to register for an RTBA online account (if you don't already have one), then set up the bond lodgement.

Register for an RTBA online account

Click here to create an account with RTBA online and register as a Private Landlord. 

You'll be sent an email. Click the link in the email then follow the prompts to complete the RTBA online account registration.
You'll be asked which bank account the bond will be debited from, use your bank account in Cubbi where the bond is (or being) transferred into.

Before registration is complete sign into your RBTA online account to change the password. Go to your emails and copy the password. Follow these steps:

You'll know it's complete when you see this page below:

You don't need to add signatories to your account, you are already a signatory to the account. (that's part of the above steps)

Set up the bond lodgement

Sign into your account then click on 'Lodge a bond' tab. (see above screenshot)

Complete the prompts. All the information should be in your emails.

You know it's complete when you see this below:

That's all you need to do. You'll be sent emails from the RTBA when tenants have approved the transaction.