Lodging the bond in Western Australia

Overview of Cubbi handles the bond lodgement in WA

  1. Bond is paid by the tenant and held in trust until the lease start date
  2. Cubbi auto-completes the bond lodgement form and sends it out to the owner and tenant for signing.
  3. On the lease start date, the bond money is transferred to the owner and instructions are sent out to lodge the bond with Bond Administrator in WA.

How the owner lodges the bond with the Bond Administrator:

  1. The owner should receive the signed bond lodgement form from the tenant prior to the lease start date. The owner should sign and date the form and enter their bank account details on the last page.
  2. Email the completed bond lodgement form to: bondsadmin@dmirs.wa.gov.au
  3. The bond money will be Direct Debited from the owners bank account
  4. Within 15 days a bond receipt will be sent out to owners and tenants
  5. The owner must enter the bond receipt number into Cubbi to close of the bond activity in their dashboard as mentioned here