Cubbi Service Fees

We charge Owners a service fee each time rent is paid on Cubbi. The amount of the Cubbi service fee is 2% of the rent payment, including GST. The Cubbi service fee is calculated from the total rent transacted and is automatically deducted from the payout to the Owner. 

The Service Fee is only applicable to rent payments. For example, if a Tenant pays an invoice for water through Cubbi there is no service fee, the full amount will go into the Owner's bank account.

If the Tenant pays rent directly to the Owner outside Cubbi, please read here

Invoice for payments can be viewed in Cubbi:

  1. Go into Transactions
  2. Click on the Transaction item (to expend it)
  3. Click to view the invoice

Tenant Fees

Cubbi does not charge Tenants a service fee or any mandatory fees as part of renting a property in Cubbi.

The only possible fee the tenant may get charged is a dishonour fee by their bank if their Direct Debit payment fails. This might be roughly $5 - $20 depending on who the Tenant banks with.

Optional Fees

Advertising - $199

You can advertise a property for free on Cubbi or advertise on 3rd party websites ( and Domain) for $199 until leased or withdrawn. 

Note: When you advertise a property for rent, there is no obligation to follow through and use Cubbi ongoing (and be charged 2% service fee) you can simply remove your listing and mange it outside of the platform (and therefore not pay the 2% or any other fees).

Professional Tenant Screening - $129

As an optional extra to the $199 listing fee you can choose if you want Cubbi to screen each application as they come in for $129. More info here.

Tenant Checks - $29 each

As a Tenant, you can complete your own tenant check on yourself (when applying for a property) or as an Owner, you can check a tenant who has applied for your property on Cubbi for $29 per check/tenant.

For Lease Sign - $99

You can get a lease sign for $99. The sign is installed and removed for you. It is not yours to keep.

3rd Party Service Providers

You pay 3rd party service providers directly whose prices vary from one provider to another. The services we may refer you to are as follows (but not limited to):

  • Property Inspections
  • Landlord Insurance
  • Building Insurance
  • Professional Photography
  • Smoke Alarm Compliance

Contact us if you have any questions about our fees or 3rd party service providers.