Paying & Lodging the Bond in Tasmania

Bond Lodgement

Tenants do not pay the bond directly to Cubbi or the Owner in Tasmania. The bond is paid via MyBond

The maximum amount of bond that can be charged is the equivalent of  4 weeks' rent.

  1. Before paying a bond, the Owner and Tenant must be registered in MyBond. MyBond registration can be completed via these links: owner and tenant
  2. The Owner must complete the bond lodgement form in MyBond so that the Tenant can pay the bond in MyBond. 
  3. Once the bond details are completed and lodged by the Owner, the Tenant will be notified by MyBond and asked to pay. Payment via MyBond is completed online via the secure PayWay in the MyBond system.
  4. Once a Bond Receipt Number has been received, the Owner is required to upload this to Cubbi. Steps to do so are: Entering the bond receipt number on your dashboard.