How to do a video recording for the property condition report

What you need

Your iPhone or any other smartphone with a decent camera is all you need. 
You don't need an internet connection - but you will when you upload it to Cubbi.

HOT TIP: Recording takes a lot of battery. Ensure you have at least 70% battery before starting if you're using an iPhone.


Note: To reduce upload/download time try to keep each video under 3 minutes.

You must do a video recording of each room. For example:

  • Each bedroom
  • Each bathroom
  • Each toilet/powder room
  • Stairway
  • Kitchen
  • Living space
  • Laundry
  • Hallway
  • External (outside)
  • Garage/carport
  • Garden shed

Record one complete room at a time. Do no do multiple rooms within the one video recording. However you can record more than one video per room, so I if think you didn't cover everything in the first recording for the kitchen, don't start again, just do an extra video or take some photos.

There is no need to provide photographs covering the same areas as the videos.

Just before you start

Get in as much light as possible:

  • Turn on all lights
  • Open all curtains, blinds and cupboards.

Basic rules

  • Don't move too fast. It takes time for the camera to refocus for a clear picture.
  • Keep your camera steady. Avoid as many movements as possible. You don't want your tenants getting seasick.
  • Keep the phone landscape or portrait (don't change halfway through a recording). Landscape works best.

Shooting a room

Start in a corner. 
Angle your camera towards the ceiling for 3 seconds. 
Angle your camera towards the wall for 3 seconds.
Angle your camera towards the floor for 3 seconds. 
Do at least 2 opposite sides or complete each of the 4 corners. 
This will get everything in the room and holding still for 3 seconds will allow time for the camera to re-focus for a quality recording. 

When you have completed the overall room you want to show the defects:

It's hard to see dirt, scuffs and nail holes from a distance so get up close and rest the camera up against the wall/floor to help keep the camera still for 3 seconds. Turn the light on your phone for more light if required. 

Recording Inventory

(Air conditioners, appliances or anything essentially removable).

You want to get a shot of each inventory item staying at the property. For example for air conditioners get a shot of the filters and the make and model. Same approach for appliances including the user manual.


Announce the name of the room for easy reference later. E.g. "Kitchen". 
Speak as little or as much as you feel comfortable. The more you describe the condition the better. Anything missed can be picked typed into the comments section.

When you are finished upload your video/s to Cubbi and complete the report ready for the tenants to sign.  Follow these steps.