How does GST get recorded for rental properties?

The short answer is, it doesn’t.

This is direct from the ATO:

If you rent out residential premises for residential accommodation, your rent is input-taxed and you don't include GST in the rental charge. You also can't claim credits for the GST included in any costs relating to the rental, such as agent's commission or repairs and maintenance on the premises.

So essentially, as a property investor, you can't collect GST on the rent charged to a tenant, nor claim GST on any expenses you incur, even if you’re registered for GST. For example, if you are registered for GST and pay a trades invoice which includes GST in the total, you can't claim the GST.  

This also means that the rent charged to your tenant has no GST added, regardless of the GST registration status for you the landlord, or the tenant. 

As Cubbi is built for residential property owners we don't record GST anywhere on Cubbi owner reports which detail the income and expenses relating to your property.

Read more from the ATO website