How much notice should I give my tenants before an inspection?

You should give a minimum of seven days’ notice before an inspection. That gives your tenants a weekend to get the place in order, clean the oven, and put away the dirty dishes. It’ll keep them happy, too.

Cubbi will automatically notify your tenants via email and SMS when you schedule the inspection, and again the day before. 

When you schedule an inspection in Cubbi - unless your tenant has agreed to an earlier inspection - please make sure you give a full seven days’ warning before the inspection date.   

If you need to give less notice, ask your tenants and know what the law says:

New South Wales (NSW)

  • Landlords must provide seven days’ written notice
  • Information is available on the Fair Trading website

Victoria (VIC)

Western Australia (WA)

South Australia (SA)

Queensland (QLD)

Northern Territory (NT)

Tasmania (TAS)

Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

  • Landlords must provide seven days’ notice in writing
  • Information is available on the Tenants Union website