How to conduct a routine inspection.

Inspection day has finally arrived! 

What now? A few steps: 

  1. Get there on time. Before you start looking around, open Cubbi and start the report so you can note issues as you walk around. (or click the link in the email you get the day before the inspection day)
  2. Are the tenants home? Ask them to point out any issues before you begin inspecting. 
  3. Walk through room by room. A minute per room on average is enough. Read up on what to look for.
  4. Complete the report. Fill out the form as you walk around, or just afterwards - but do it before you leave the property so you don’t miss anything. 

Other things to note:

  • You’re allowed to take pictures – but just try to keep any personal or identifiable information and belongings out of them.
  • Bring something long to test the smoke detectors.
  • Remember, this isn’t a condition report. Keep it quick – 15 minutes – and focus on the overall condition of the property.