How to refund / claim the bond - Victoria

After the tenant has moved out and the final inspection has been completed, this is how you to refund the bond in Victoria.

If you already have an RTBA online account - click Sign in under the Property Manager log in. Then you can request to refund/claim the bond. Each tenant will need to electronically agree.

From March 2021, renters can now apply to the RTBA, without the Owner's permission, to have all/part of the bond released. 

If you lodged the bond via post you will need to:

  1. Enter the bond number here and select landlord.
  2. Complete the form. (you don't need to enter a VCAT number unless you have been to VCAT for an order to claim the bond).
  3. Sign the form and email/give it to the tenant to sign. Make sure the signatures match the signatures on the bond lodgement form. 
  4. Post the signed form to RTBA (address on form). If the owner is not claiming any bond it's safe for the owner to give the tenant the form to sign and post directly to the RTBA. 
  5. Bond should be refunded into the bank accounts of the owner/tenant within 2 weeks.