Bond Claim help for tenants if the owner cannot be contacted - Victoria

Relevant to Victoria only

When claiming a bond at the end of a tenancy both the owner and tenant must agree on the refund and lodge the form with the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA).

From March 2021, renters can now apply to the RTBA, without the Owner's permission, to have all/part of the bond released. 

If for whatever reason you (as the tenant) cannot get hold of the owner after a few days after handing the keys back (and having your rent paid in full) follow these steps:

  1. Search your bond record here. You will need your Bond Number (or call the (RTBA) on 1300 137 164).
  2. Call, text and email the owner giving them 24 hours to respond before making an application to Tribunal. As simple as "Hi John, we have been unable to contact you regarding the refund of the bond for [full property address]. If we do not hear from you within the next 24 hours we will be making an application to Tribunal (VCAT) seeking a full refund under Section 416(1). Could you please contact me within 24 hours so we can amicably agree and sign the bond refund without having to spend time going to Tribunal. Hope to hear from you soon.[your names]."
  3. Make an application to Tribunal (VCAT) seeking an order "directing the RTBA to repay the bond" under Section 416(1). You will need a Copy of the RTBA receipt, copy of condition report if required. There are no fees for bond matters lodged with the RTBA. Click here to start applying then follow the steps below: