Should I display my full address on my advertisement?

When advertising your property on the big websites you have two options:

1. Display the full address

2. Show the Suburb only

Some people have concerns about giving out the full address on an advertisement for safety reasons which is completely understandable.

All things considered, though, showing the full address is generally considered the better option for the following reasons:

  • If you show the Suburb Only your property will not show up when potential tenants are searching via the map view on websites like
  • On a positive note, those not showing the full address typically get more enquiries BUT these are people who want to get the address and don't necessarily go on to want to view or apply.
  • From a tenants point of view; not having the address displayed is kind of like standing in store looking at a product they like that has no price tag. It's frustrating having to enquire about the price and wait for someone to get back to you.
  • By the time you respond with the address, they may have already moved on and set their sights elsewhere. 

When should you consider not showing the address?

  • If you don't want people to drive by the property just yet. (perhaps this was a request of the current tenants OR the place still needs tidying up before inspections and leasing).
  • If, by giving the address, it would cause potential applicants more confusion over the location of the property.

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