What to do if you can't find tenants

There are 3 main stages to finding a tenant. This will help you make the right changes to your ad.

1. Get noticed by tenants. Tenants will never enquire about a property they don't even know is for rent so you need to put in places potential tenants will see like realestate.com.au and domain. As those sites are highly competitive (because 90% of tenants visit those sites to find a home) you to ensure it's going to be found. If you're on page 5 tenants may never find your ad in the first place.

If your property has been on the market for longer than 2 weeks with less than ~10 enquiries you should make some changes to your ad to freshen it up, particularly the main photo and headline. This will help encourage people who have already clicked on your listing to click it again. Maybe this time they'll make an enquiry! Even a $5 change to your price can help make it look new and different.

2. Get enquiries. When a tenant clicks onto your listing online (say from realestate.com.au) it must represent good value and have what they are looking for. You can't help the second part except for being clear and ensuring the benefits of your property are clearly stated in your description. As for representing good value make sure you have good photos (professional photos are recommended) and your place is well priced. Compare your property with other similar properties on realestate.com.au and get a free valuation report.

If people are enquiring but not turning up to your inspections..this can happen but if it's happening to most enquiries your property is not representing good enough value. They like it enough to make an enquiry but not enough to take the time to have a look through. 

3. Get Applications When tenants come to inspect your property they are very interested from what they have seen online (or from the road). If people are inspecting but not going on applying it's either not suitable or overpriced. 

If it's not suitable, you might be attracting the wrong types of people to your inspections. Make sure your ad reflects the needs and wants of your target market (heading, description and photos).

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