Recording the Home Emergency service into a lease agreement

If you have a Home Emergency service with WorldCare or any other provider you should have this recorded into the lease. 


Lets say it's Christmas eve, the front door handle breaks creating a major security issue that may be classified as an urgent repair. If nothing is in the lease and the tenant is unable to contact the owner, the tenant may organise their own person to go out and repair the front door costing the owner ~$300. However if the lease stated what to do for urgent repairs the tenant would be clear on how to contact the Home Emergency service to have this done for free. (Saving the owner ~$300) 

How to put it in the lease

(example based on using our partner WorldCare)

Under the urgent repair section in the lease, select General Maintenance and enter the following details:
WorldCare Australia


Under Special Conditions use the following term:

Service Calls and Repairs - The tenant agrees that the cost of any service calls or repairs undertaken without prior authorisation by the landlord, unless in an emergency circumstance as listed in tenancy agreement will be the responsibility of the tenants to pay. For home emergencies call 1800 010 075 (WorldCare Australia) before calling the urgent repair tradespeople listed in this agreement. Examples of home emergencies are the following: Gas leak, Burst pipe, Burst tap or showerhead, Broken hot water system, Broken heating or cooling, Blocked toilet or pipes, Blackout or power failure, Broken door or window, Locked out of the house or an internal leak.