Register and lodge the bond with ACT Rental Bond Portal

When the tenant's bond payment has cleared follow these steps to register for an RTBA online account (if you don't already have one), then set up the bond lodgement.

Register for Rental Bond Portal online account

Click here to create an account with ACT Rental Bond Portal and register as a Lessor (Private Landlord). 

You'll be asked for your bank account details when creating your account. Note this account is not used to pay the bond.

You will receive an email to activate your account once you're done with the account setup process.

Click the link from the email and login and follow these steps to lodge the bond:
(check Cubbi for tenancy information or an email we send once the bond payment is transferred to you)

Once you click submit the bond will be ready to pay. Once paid the bond will be successfully lodged.

Click to view bond details:

You will then see a summary of the bond information, to view direct deposit details, click Submit.
Now, go ahead and pay the bond using the direct deposit details provided. We suggest you use your bank account in Cubbi where the bond is (or being) transferred into.
Once paid, the ACT rental bonds authority will send an email receipt to all parties (including tenants).