Zero Late Rent Policy

Cubbi expects rent to be paid on time, in full, as per the lease agreement. If a tenant does not pay all the rent on the day it is due; the following day they are 1 day late.

1. Celebrate on-time rent payments

Tenants can download full payment report anytime to use when applying for their next home.

2. Proactive communication

Cubbi expects the tenant to communicate any potential delays in rent prior to the payment becoming due.

3. Late notifications

If the rent is not paid by the due date, the following day the tenant will receive a friendly 1 day late reminder followed by 2 days grace to allow for any bank processing. From Day 4 tenants will receive daily late rent SMS notices until the rent is paid.
Note: Day 1, Day 4 and Day 5 sms notifications are disabled for all tenancies that started in Cubbi before to 30th March 2019 and have a Direct Debit schedule set up.

4. Help, if rent falls behind

Owners and tenants may be provided options and guidance to help get the rent paid back up or move out amicably before Formal Action is taken.

5. Formal Action

Owners are recommended when to terminate the tenancy based on legal requirements and history of any late rent payments. Owners may receive notice from Cubbi if they do not reasonably agree to end the tenancy within the recommended guidelines.

6. Debt Recovery and national tenant registers

After the tenant moves out, if any money (eg rent) is owing after the bond is used, the tenant may be listed on debt recovery lists, tenant databases (eg The National Tenancy Database) and are automatically denied from renting any property in Cubbi for 3 years.

This policy is in effect for all tenancies and is included in all lease agreements (including renewals) created after 23rd September 2019.