Payments made outside of Cubbi

If a tenant pays rent to an owner outside of Cubbi (eg directly into their bank account), there is no option for the owner to record a 'rent' payment received from a tenant within their dashboard.

We highly discourage payments being made direct to owners outside of Cubbi because the rent records will not be correct and therefore lead to confusion and frustration to both owner and tenant. In addition, if the tenant is on Direct Debit payments, this will cause the rent to be debited when it may have already been paid.

If rent is paid to the owner outside of Cubbi, to rectify this we need to manually record the transaction asap. 

To do so, we need to know:

  • Amount Paid
  • Date Received

Cubbi Service Fees are still payable on these rent payments paid outside of Cubbi. Each rent transaction entered manually will incur the 2% Cubbi Service Fee plus an additional 1% Manual Handling Fee to record the transaction. Meaning the owner will be charged 3% instead of the normal 2%.

Rent payments can easily be made via NPP or BPAY even if the tenant is on Direct Debit. Tenant Payment Options.