How to request a lease renewal?

For Owners:

If your fixed term expiry is approaching, request a lease renewal via your Cubbi Dashboard...

You can request a lease renewal at anytime by following the below steps. Cubbi will send you a reminder 3 months before your fixed term agreement expires too.


Login to Cubbi here

Navigate to the Lease page on your Cubbi Dashboard (quick tip: click the three dots to get the drop-down menu).


Request a Renewal

On the Lease page, click 'Renew' and complete the form by following the prompts.


Review & Sign

You'll be sent an email from Cubbi to review, amend and sign the lease. Once signed, it'll be sent to your Tenants.

We'll monitor the signing, and send reminders to all when required. 

Original lease created outside of Cubbi?

We'll be lacking some pertinent information. We'll send through a lease renewal template for you to complete, but it helps if you let us know (by emailing the keys details including, but not limited to:

  • Do you have any special conditions or clauses?
  • How many tenants are allowed to live at the property?
  • Are any pets allowed?