Refer and earn

Help a friend discover Cubbi

Anyone can refer a homeowner to Cubbi and earn a gift worth up to $200. You just need to become a Cubbi Referrer by clicking the button on the referral page.

You will get an instant email confirmation to go spread the word.

There are no referral codes just give them your email or phone number. That's it.

When they sign up to Cubbi we'll ask them if they were referred, and to enter your mobile or email address. If you're registered, and the mobile or email address entered matches your profile information you'll be notified.

When they set up their first property and their tenants start paying rent you will receive an email confirming the successful referral.

Pick from 1 of the 3 gifts

4 months free Cubbi service fees for any property (one tenancy). A $450 per week property is worth $156.
1 free rental listing on 10 sites including, domain and Worth $199.
$30 cold hard cash transferred into your bank account.

If you select '4 months free' you can decide to Keep, Split 50/50 or Pass it

Keep - the full 4 months free will be credited to an active tenancy of yours (whichever you pay most fees for).

Split 50/50 - you get 2 months free and they get 2 months free

Pass - they get all 4 months free Cubbi service fees

The referred homeowner will only be notified if a gift was chosen to be split or passed to them.


Can I have a different gift from the person referred?

No. You can only split the gift chosen by the referrer. 

Who can refer?

Anyone, you just need to be registered which is free and literally one click. You don't need to be a homeowner, you could a tenant or any Cubbi fan.

Which mobile or email do I give potential new homeowners?

Whatever the mobile or email address listed in your Cubbi profile. If you change your mobile or email in your profile, make sure you give out your new details.

Do need to show evidence I have referred them to Cubbi?

No, you just need to be registered before they sign up to earn a referral gift. This means you don't need to remember any codes. We'll ask them for your email or mobile when they sign up.

Is there any commitment when becoming a referrer?

No. You can become a referrer and do absolutely nothing, and absolutely nothing will happen. No gifts, no surprises.

Can only homeowner be referred to Cubbi?

Yes. Only homeowners can be referred at this stage.

Why wouldn't I sign up to become a referrer?

There is no reason not to become a referrer because it's free and only takes a second to click a button. Even if you don't know any homeowners today who knows you'll bump into tomorrow.

Maximum referrals

You get 1 gift per new homeowner. If the referred homeowner adds 10 properties into Cubbi you still only get 1 gift however you can refer to any number of homeownerss. So if you refer 100 homeowners to Cubbi, you get 100 gifts.

When does a gift expire?

12 months from the date of issue.


'Cubbi Referer' or 'Referer' is the eligible Cubbi user who promotes (refers) Cubbi a non Cubbi user.

'Referred' or 'Invited Homeowner' is the person who has been referred to Cubbi by a Cubbi Referrer

'Active tenancy' means is a tenant is paying rent to a verified homeowner on Cubbi and where the homeowner is paying a Cubbi Service fee (2%).

'gift' is the benefit or reward a Cubbi Referrer receives for a successful referral. This gift may be kept, split or passed onto the Referred person (invited homeowner).

'Cubbi Service Fee' or 'Service Fee' is the fee collected by Cubbi from any rent payment from a tenant to a homeowner during an active tenancy.


  1. You must have a registered Cubbi account to become a Referer. (You don't need to be a homeowner or tenant, you just need a free Cubbi account)
  2. Your user profile must be completed (full name, email and phone number)
  3. You must have registered to become a Cubbi Referer after 1 June 2021. 
  4. The Referred person must sign up (create a Cubbi account) after the Referred person has registered to become a Referer (eg you can't refer someone then click to Become a Referrer after the fact)
  5. The Referred person must not have an existing Cubbi account (under any name or email address) 
  6. Cubbi may revoke any Cubbi Referrer at any time without notice for any unreasonable or unjust behaviour that goes against the fair use and purpose of this referral program
  7. The Cubbi Referer is only eligible to receive a gift for a successful referral
  8. A Referral is only successful if the Referred person Activates a tenancy as a homeowner (see 'Active tenancy' in definitions) 


  1. There are no limits on the number of successful referrals you can make (therefore you can earn 50 gifts if you successfully refer 50 new homeowners to Cubbi)
  2. A Cubbi Referrer cannot earn more than one gift per successful referral (meaning if the homeowner you invite activates 5 tenancies, you will only receive one gift for that referral, even if they create multiple different accounts)

Redeem Gifts 

  1. The gift must be redeemed within 12 months of issue (the date the user was provided with the gift)
  2. The free Cubbi service fees are applied to the most recent active tenancy in Cubbi. The tenancy must also have a rent amount of no more than $1,000 per week.
  3. Cubbi may revoke the gift if the active tenancy created by the Referred user is cancelled within a month of activation.
  4. The Referred person must have a verified user account for anyone (referrer or referred homeowner) to receive a gift
  5. A Cash gift can only be transferred to a verified bank account in Cubbi

Offer ends 30 June 2023 unless these terms are updated.

These terms and conditions may be updated, changed or modified anytime before or after 30 June 2023 by providing 30 days notice.