How is Cubbi different to an agent?

Cubbi is a transparent online renting platform that makes it easy for Owners and Tenants to speak directly, manage effortlessly and encourages win-wins to help everyone get what they want.

Cubbi is not a managing agent (like a real estate property manager), Cubbi Owners technically manage their own properties, completely guided by Cubbi to get things done quickly like leases, payments, notices, maintenance, inspection reports etc.

As Cubbi has automated a lot of the old manual processes we can charge much lower fees, our service fee is 2% (as opposed to 7% on average). We also don’t have additional fees like a traditional property management service for example: letting fees (1-2 weeks rent), lease renewal fees, admin fees etc.

Cubbi Owners take care of their own inspections and maintenance so they can choose the right tenants for their property and ensure their place is being looked after. Cubbi also provides a maintenance booking tool to find quality tradespeople.