10+ Days Behind in Rent

If a tenant falls a full 10 days behind in rent Cubbi will begin warnings and preparation for termination. Processes are a little different per state due to different legislation.

You can see how many days the rent is behind in the rent tab on your dashboard:

72 days behind should never happen! This screenshot is taken from a test account :)

How does cubbi calculate this

So what happens at 10 days?

When the tenant is a full ten days behind in rent Cubbi will email and sms the owner and tenant of the following:

  • The tenants responsibility to pay the rent and what could happen if they don't pay.
  • Our recommendation when the tenancy can and should be ended by the owner.
  • Cubbi will suggest a payment plan however it is 100% up to the landlords discretion as to whether they are willing to offer a payment plan.

Following the automatic email:

  1. We call the tenant to ensure they got the sms and email and explain their options.
  2. We then email the owner and tenant the result of the phone call (or attempt).
  3. We then call the owner to explain their options in more detail and what the termination process looks like.

Cubbi will create the termination notice on request from the owner. 

11+ days behind

Every day onwards the tenant will receive an email and sms until they are no longer 10+ days behind in rent.

We will continue to be in contact with the owner with advice for terminating the tenancy and recovering the loss of rent.