How to complete the condition report and upload videos in Cubbi

The owner must complete the condition report on Cubbi and upload videos ready for the tenant to accept to have a fair and argument proof condition report of the property.

1. Log into Cubbi and locate the 'Condition Report' tab under the tenancy. Click to 'Start'.

2. Add all the rooms and spaces in your property one by one, and upload your videos and comments for each. Make sure you add General/safety to ensure smoke alarms are covered.

For each room, you should upload at least one video and any supporting photos to support the condition of the room.

TIP: While the video uploads, add comments and agree or disagree with the specifics of the room as 'clean', 'working' and 'undamaged'. 

3. Preview the condition report once you have added each room and uploaded videos. You will be able to see what the tenants will see and agree too next. When you are happy, click to sign.

4. Click to sign the condition report. Each tenant will then be emailed a link to view, agree or disagree, comment and upload supporting photos.