Overview of the video condition report

A condition report is a legally binding document that forms evidence of the condition of the property at the beginning of a tenancy (before a tenant moves in).

Cubbi uses video condition reports as the most comprehensive method of capturing the condition of the property at the beginning so the return of the bond at the end is straightforward for both owners and tenants.

If a picture is worth a thousand words a video is worth a thousand pictures.

How it works:

  1. The owner must do a ~5-minute video recording of each room. How to do a video recording
  2. The owner must upload the video/image files to Cubbi to complete the report (by making comments and signing online) before handing over keys. Follow this guide
  3. Each tenant will receive the condition report to agree/disagree, comment, add photos. Each tenant must sign online within 7 days of receiving the report (or lease start date), whatever is later.
  4. Finally, the owner has 7 days to make final comments before the condition report is finalised.

You now have a fair and argument proof condition report. 

Is the condition report legal?

Yes. Each Residential Tenancy Act (per state Australia) has specific content and questions that must be included in the condition report, therefore, the final written report produced and the additional questions the owner must complete is different per state.

When tenants move out:

The owner is responsible for comparing the condition of the property with the video condition report from the beginning of the lease, allowing for fair wear and tear. If any items (e.g. cleaning) is required to be completed by the tenants it must be put in writing prior to arranging any tradespeople or claiming from the bond. 

Guidance is provided along the way!