What happens after you approve an application?

After you click to approve, you will be guided through the lease creation form; it will be partially filled out for you, making it super quick and easy. 

You will need to confirm a few details, including the rent, bond and lease dates before a lease is displayed to review and sign. Electronically, of course :)

Your new tenants will not receive anything until you have signed the lease, which enables you to play around with the lease creation form before offering the lease to the tenant.

The congratulations and lease will be offered to your new tenants to review and sign immediately after you have signed the lease.

As soon as everyone has signed the lease, it's a legally binding agreement. You will have secured your new tenant!!!

The first rent payment will be due immediately. Cubbi guides your tenant to make the payment in Cubbi, and then it is held safely in trust until the lease start date when the rent will be paid out to you.  Side note: All future rent payments are paid out to you in real-time (30 seconds after the tenant pays it).

Click here to read more on what happens after the lease is signed.