What happens after the lease is signed by everyone?

Cubbi will guide you through the tenancy set up process step-by-step at each stage of the process but here's an idea of what to expect once the lease is signed:

  1. Everyone will receive a final copy of the lease for safekeeping.
  2. The major details of the lease will be visible on your Cubbi Dashboard.
  3. Your Tenants first rent payment will be automatically initiated (if Direct Debit is the chosen payment method) or Tenants will need to pay via BPay or NPP once they have all signed the lease. You and the Tenant will be notified of this by email.
  4. This email will also outline the next steps for setting up the tenancy such as the bond and condition report.


Each state has a different bond process, Cubbi will provide instructions to Owners and Tenants confirming the required steps. Cubbi does not lodge bonds on behalf of Owners. 

Video Condition Report

At Cubbi, we want to move away from the far-from-flawless 'paper' method of doing condition reports so we've brought in video condition reports. Read more about how these are done here.