Lodging the Bond in South Australia

The bond must be registered and paid to the RBO South Australia. Here's how we make that happen.

1. Tenant to pay bond in Cubbi

Once the lease is fully signed in Cubbi the Tenant will need to pay the bond via Cubbi using BPay/NPP. Instructions are provided by email to Tenants. 

Keys must NOT be given until the bond has cleared.

2. Bond held in Trust until move-in day

When the Bond payment has cleared everyone (Owners and Tenants) will receive an email to confirm the funds have cleared and now held in trust. To get ahead the Owner may Register for an account with the Residential Bonds Online service (RBO) because they take 1-2 days to approve a new Owner user.

3. Bond money is released. Owner to lodge with RBO

Follow these instructions

Once the tenancy starts (move-in day) and the bond money has cleared everyone will receive an email confirming the bond is being transferred to the Owner and it's time for the Owner to lodge the bond with the RBO. This email will have all the information the Owner needs to copy into the RBO.   

4. Tenants to verify bond

All tenants will receive an email to verify the bond lodgement. This is the equivalent to paper signing.

5. RBO will debit the bond from the Owner

After every Tenant has verified, the bond will be debited from the Owners bank account listed in RBO online service.

6. Owner to record the Bond Number in Cubbi

Everyone will receive confirmation the bond has been lodged and the official Bond Number from the RBO. The Owner must record this number in Cubbi to finalise the lodgement.