How do I ditch my agent and switch to Cubbi?

You can switch from an agent to Cubbi anytime; during the course of a lease or in-between tenants. 

Just follow the below steps: 

  1. Click 'Sign In'
  2. Select 'Switch from an agent'
  3. Enter your property manager's details and the termination date (usually 30 days but more info here)
  4. Select if you want Cubbi to organise postage of Tenancy Documents from the agent (free)
  5. Termination Notice is created and sent to your email to sign online
  6. Notice is sent immediately to the agent and you're cc'd in

Cubbi will post a welcome message to your property address in preparation for switchover day so you're tenants don't continue to pay rent to the agent after you switch to Cubbi. When you receive the Tenancy Documents from the agent this is when you invite them into Cubbi, importantly before the next rent payment is due. 

We make it a very seem-less process and guide you through it so you don't have to think about bond and leases etc yet.