How much notice do I need to give my landlord to move out at the end of the lease?

For Tenants:

It's a common misconception among tenants who are new to the renting game that a tenancy simply ends on the lease end date and you move out.

Actually, unless either you or your landlord provide written notice in advance of the fixed term expiry date, it will automatically roll over to a periodic (month-to-month) tenancy at the end of the lease.

If you do want to leave at the end of the lease you need to make sure you give your landlord the appropriate amount of written notice. The amount of notice required varies from state to state.

Here's a run down of how many days minimum notice you need to give before the lease ends in your state:

  • VIC     28 days
  • NSW   14 days (to vacate at the end of a fixed term) & 21 days (periodic tenancy)
  • QLD    14 days via a Form 13 Notice
  • WA      30 days (to vacate at the end of a fixed term) & 21 days (periodic tenancy)
  • SA       28 days (fixed term, using this form) & 21 days (periodic tenancy, using this form)
  • NT       14 days
  • TAS     14 days
  • ACT    21 days

If your lease ends on the 30 August and you're living in VIC you will need to give your landlord notice by the 2 August at the latest to move out on the 30 August. That provides the landlord with 28 full days of notice (the first full day starts the day after the notice is received and includes the lease end date).

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