Giving your tenants notice to end the tenancy at the end of the lease

If you decide you want to end the tenancy with your current tenants once the lease ends you are actually required by law to give written notice to your tenants in advance. 

The amount of notice varies quite significantly from state-to-state.

The same applies to tenants. If they want to move out when the lease ends, in most states, they are required to give you written notice beforehand.

Note: You can't give your tenants notice to vacate before the end date on their lease without grounds e.g. rent arrears, damage to the property. 

For example, if the lease ends on 1st January 2020 you can't give notice for your tenants to move out by the 1st December 2019. The vacate date must be  after the lease end date.

How much notice do I need to give my tenants?

Below is an outline of the number of days, weeks or months advance notice you are required to give your tenants to end the tenancy without grounds (which means the tenants haven't breached the lease in some way) on or after the lease end date:

  • VIC     90 days
  • NSW   90 days
  • QLD   2 months
  • WA    30 days (60 days' notice for Periodic Leases)
  • SA     28 days
  • NT     14 days
  • TAS   42 days
  • ACT   26 weeks

Let Cubbi handle it!

If you want to end the tenancy on or after the lease end date, just let Cubbi know and we'll get everything organised for you.
We'll guide you through the legal requirements, let your tenants know what's happening, prepare the written notice for you to send and walk everyone through the move out process. 

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