Cubbi for tenants - how does it work?

What is Cubbi?

Cubbi is a new way to rent property without the need for an agent. You deal directly with the owner and Cubbi is here to support you and guide the way.

Essentially, Cubbi is an online platform that takes care of the admin and makes sure that everyone has an easy and enjoyable renting experience.

What aspects of my tenancy will Cubbi look after?

  • The application forms, lease agreement and preparation of the bond form all happen through Cubbi. 
  • Rent payments are taken care of through Cubbi's automated Direct Debit payments system or via BPAY/NPP payments. 
  • Cubbi prepares notices sent by your landlord (e.g. routine inspection)
  • Clarification on any disagreements with the owner. If things get stuck and you need Cubbi to step in, we can help clear the rules and responsibilities of each to ensure renting is fair for both parties.

What aspects of my tenancy will my landlord look after?

Your landlord (the owner of the property) is the person managing the property so they will be your first point of contact for most tenancy and property related queries. They’ll be your go-to for:

  • Signing the bond form
  • General maintenance requests and urgent repairs.
  • Negotiation of any changes to your tenancy arrangements such as changing the rent payment frequency or due date. Agreements are then signed off in Cubbi.
  • Vacating notices or change of tenants.

Cubbi is always on hand to provide advice and support to both parties along the way.

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