Home Emergency Service FAQs

Update: This Home Emergency service that we provide as part of using Cubbi ends Friday the 14th September 2018 at midnight, this is due to our supplier discontinuing the product completely from their business. More info


What types of emergencies call outs are covered? 

Please see the Policy Document for full coverage information. However, in summary, you are covered for:

  • Burst or leaking pipe inside the house
  • Blockage in the toilet, pipes or drains
  • Burst tap or showerhead
  • Complete power failure
  • Broken primary heating and/or cooling system
  • Broken or burst primary hot water system
  • Damage to external doors, locks and windows that render your property insecure
  • Locked out of your home

How many emergency call outs do I get for the year?

You are entitled up to 4 emergency call outs in a year. You are allocated 1 call out per quarter with unused call outs accumulating. So if you tick over to the 4th quarter and had not made any call outs so far you would have 4 available call outs.

How do I make a request for an emergency repair? 

Simply call Mapfre on 1800 144 499. The assistance line is open 24/7/365. Don't forget to have your policy number on hand.

What is the emergency repair limit and what happens if the cost is higher than the limit? 

You are covered for the repair up to a value of $300. If the repair work is expected to be higher than this limit a Mapfre customer service representative and tradesperson will discuss with you the most appropriate course of action to resolve the emergency.

What guarantees are provided for the repair work carried out? 

All repair work is guaranteed for 12 months for both workmanship and all materials/spare parts used.

Is there a waiting period I need to serve before I can utilise the service?

Yes, you cannot use a call out in the first 30 days after becoming a Cubbi member. The start date is listed on your Policy Certificate.

When does the policy start (and end)?

The policy starts on the lease start date or date of first rent payment if an existing tenancy is added onto Cubbi. The same policy continues between tenants and for the following tenants thereafter providing the property is re-advertised for rent on Cubbi (or our 3rd Party websites) or an existing tenancy has been added in Cubbi within 30 days of the previous tenants vacate date. Contact us to request an extension. For example, if you need to do a small renovation on the property where it’s off the market for a few months we may decide to extend the policy so the callouts do not rest and you skip the 30 day waiting period.

Are all costs of the repair covered? 

You will receive up to $300 worth of cover for each of the 4 call-outs you’re entitled to. This includes a limit for materials and spare parts of $50. 

If the total cost of the repair is less than $300, you will have no out-of-pocket costs. If the total cost of the repair is more than $300, you will pay the difference.

Once the tradesperson arrives they will assess the cost of the job, should it exceed the $300 cover, the Mapfre Customer Representative and tradesperson will discuss further with you the best course of action to repair or make safe the emergency.

What if I have an emergency in the middle of the night, on a weekend or on a public holiday? 

Mapfre Home Emergency Assistance is available to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. So whether you have a burst water pipe at 3am, or lock your keys inside on Christmas Day you can call Mapfre.

How long will it be until the tradesperson gets to my house?

When you call the Home Emergency Assistance helpline on 1800 144 499 to report an emergency, the customer service representative will give you an estimated wait time on a tradesperson arriving at your home.

Mapfre aim to have a tradesperson attend your home within two hours if not sooner.

Does Mapfre fix my emergency permanently? 

Mapfre's qualified tradespeople aim to permanently fix on all call-outs. If a tradesperson is unable to permanently fix the problem, they will make the necessary repairs to ensure your home is safe and secure. You will also receive advice and a quote for a permanent repair.

What happens if an incident occurs that isn't covered by my Membership?

If an incident has occurred that isn't covered by your membership and it requires a type of tradie that Mapfre have on their network of Approved Contractors, you will be put in contact with one in your local area. You will have to pay them directly for any work you need done. Mapfre cannot provide any guarantee for this work.

How much does Home Emergency Assistance cost and for how long?

Membership is free to all Cubbi Service users (using Cubbi to manage their tenancy, not available for listing only) as part of the complete service we offer you. Your membership is ongoing for as long as you continue with the Cubbi Service.

Can I buy additional callout if I have used all four?

No, additional call outs are not available for purchase, however, Mapfre will still send a tradie to fix your emergency. You will be required to pay the tradie directly for this emergency.

Can I combine 2 or more callout and use them for a single call out?

No, the maximum we will cover for a single call out is $300 towards the repair.

What happens to my unused callouts at the end of a policy year?

Unused callouts do not carry over to the next membership year. 

What happens at the end of each policy year?

The number of call-outs reset, however, there is no 30-day waiting period so you can make a claim on day one of the next policy year if you need to. The policy number will stay the same. However, you will receive new policy documents from Mapfre confirming the policy renewal. 
There is nothing you need to do.

I've lost my Membership documents. How do I request a reprint? 

For a copy of your Membership Terms & Conditions, please contact Mapfre on 1300 727 457 or e-mail homeemergency@mapfre.com. Cubbi does not keep a copy of your policy document. 
If you have it, please include your membership number in your email as this will make it easier for Mapfre to locate your membership details.

How can I check what is excluded in my Home Emergency Assistance Membership? 

Please see the specific terms and conditions that relate to your membership.

What type of Tradies do you use for emergency repairs?

All Mapfre Approved Contractors carry the qualifications and accreditation and hold the appropriate state registrations to carry out the repair work specified in your membership.

What if I am unhappy with the customer service or quality of repairs provided by the tradesperson?

Mapfre we take pride in the quality of service provided and offer 12 months guarantee on work we undertaken as part of the policy.

Mapfre Network Managers undertake random onsite quality assurance checks of work carried out. If you have any concerns regarding the service provided please advise the Mapfre Customer Service Representative that you liaised with throughout the emergency handling process.

Can I claim maintenance booked through the Taskforce booking tool on my Home Emergency Policy?

No, maintenance booked through the Taskforce booking tool on your account dashboard cannot be claimed under the Home Emergency Policy. The Taskforce tool is for owners to use for general maintenance managed outside of Cubbi and the Home Emergency Policy.