Can I use Cubbi if I live overseas?

Some Cubbi Owners do manage their properties from abroad


There are some points you need to have considered and accounted for before you take this route. 

Cubbi is not a managing agent and therefore are not able to complete certain tasks or responsibilities on your behalf and you will need to ensure you or someone else is able to complete the following:

  • Conduct inspections
  • Complete bond lodgement (sign documents, send off bond cheque/lodge online depending on the state)
  • Arrange keys and access to the property for new Tenants
  • Complete the condition report 
  • Communicate with your Tenant
  • Arrange maintenance
  • Conduct general inspections
  • Attend court if a tenancy issue gets escalated (you can nominate someone to go on your behalf in some states)
  • A much smaller issue. Cubbi can only listen Australian mobile numbers. We have workarounds to avoid any issues here

For more information please get in touch with us here.