How do reminders work for routine inspections?

The reminder system in Cubbi helps you know when to conduct a routine inspection. 

You’ll receive them one month before an inspection is due, so you have plenty of time to schedule a time and give your tenants seven days’ notice.

Just so you know - the first inspection should be held three months after a tenant moves in, then every 6 months after that. 

So if the tenant moves in on January 1, then conduct an inspection on April 1. Then again on October 1, then six months after that, and so on. 

You’ll receive a reminder for those inspections one month before they’re due to take place. 

There’s one exception: if you add an existing tenant into Cubbi, the first inspection will be due three months after you start using Cubbi (when the first rent payment is due).

The next and all following inspections are due six months after the last completed routine inspection in Cubbi.

Read this if you want more general info and laws on how often you can conduct a routine inspection.

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