How often should I do routine inspections?

We advise the first inspection three months after the tenant moves in, then one inspection every six months after that.

So if someone moves in on January 1, we’d say conduct an inspection on April 1. 
Then again on October 1, then six months after that, and so on. Our reminders are based on that schedule.

(Learn more how the reminders work).

Three months for the first inspection is enough time for tenants to settle in, but early enough so small problems don’t get bigger. 

After that, keep inspections close enough to notice any potential problems, but far enough apart so the tenants don’t feel like you’re breathing down their neck. That’s why every six months is perfect.

If you want to do more or fewer inspections you need to know two things:

  1. Your landlord insurance requirements
  2. Rental laws in your state

Landlord insurance providers often require you to conduct an inspection every so often (usually at least once a year) to minimise the risk of damage. 

Some states allow more than two inspections per year. We don’t recommend it unless previous inspections showed the tenants aren’t really looking after the place. 

Maximum legal number of inspections

Western Australia (WA)

Victoria (VIC)

  • One inspection every six months (first can be within three months of new tenancy) 
  • Information is available on the Consumer Affairs website

 New South Wales (NSW)

South Australia (SA)

Queensland (QLD)

Northern Territory (NT)

Tasmania (TAS)

Australian Capital Territory (ACT)