Cubbi Trust Policy

Renting property online is great. Saves money, time and hassle.

With all this convenience it can be easy for people to pretend to be someone they are not. That's why we have created our new Cubbi Trust Policy. We want to make renting property online easy but also safe for both Owners and Tenants.

One of our long-term goals is to provide a great renting experience for both Owners and Tenants. This has been non-existent in the real estate industry for a very long time). Where great Tenants are appreciated, Owners can easily manage their property online, knowing their tenants treat the home as if it was their own.

Moving in this direction means we need to verify who you are and the property you are advertising is genuine.

When you place an advertisement on Cubbi for the first time we will email you to request the following:

  • One photo ID (e.g. Driver's Licence)
  • One proof of ownership document (e.g. Rates Notice). View examples

In addition to this, when Tenants enquire about your property, they will be warned not pay any money unless they have met you.

This is a small step in the right direction to a better renting experience.

Soon you will notice a big change to Tenant Profiles. When tenants apply for your property you will have confidence knowing they are verified by Cubbi.

The documentation we collect from you is kept confidential, safe and secure on our servers and not shared with anyone in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Thanks for making Cubbi a safe place to rent property.


Do I have to send them through for each individual property I advertise?

No. Unless we have any concerns we will only require this information for one property.

Are my documents safe and secure?

Yes. Most definitely. Your documents will be kept confidential, safe and secure and safe on our servers and not shared with anyone in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

What If I advertise properties that I don't own?

An agreement showing you have authority to rent the property can replace proof of ownership or you can send through their rates notice but we will still require your photo ID either way.