I don’t want my Direct Debit payment date to change

If you're a tenant and started using Cubbi before to the 23 January 2019 you'll be used to the Direct Debit rent payment being taken from your bank account on the rent due date. 

However for all rent payments due on or after the 20th March 2019, we will start deducting the rent 5 days before the rent due date. This is to allow time for the payment to process and ensure you're never late.

If you don’t want the Direct Debit payment date to change here are two options:

1. Keep the Direct Debit payment date as the rent due date (as it is today). Send a message or email hello@cubbi.com.au and we'll make it happen. It's important to note, your rent will be late because it takes 3 business days to clear and this will effect your payment records from 20 March onwards.

2. You can start paying rent by the NPP and BPAY if your landlord is happy to make Direct Debit optional, however they have no legal obligation to do so as Direct Debit is the only payment option in your lease. If they are happy, they can follow these instructions to do so.

Changing the actual rent due date or frequency is typically not going to solve a cash flow problem but an option nonetheless.

Just need some help? Send a message and tell us what your concerns are.

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