How to make Direct Debit Optional

For Owners:

As an owner you can make it optional for tenants to pay rent on Direct Debit or not, giving tenants flexibility on how rent is paid through Cubbi.

Making Direct Debit optional is changing a term of the lease and only the owner has the ability to make Direct Debit optional. Once Direct Debit is made 'optional' by the owner, the tenant will then be able to cancel their Direct Debit schedule and pay rent via other payment options.

How to make Direct Debit Optional (for owners)


Login to Cubbi

Navigate to the Lease page on Cubbi. Here you will find the current payment method setting for your tenancy.


Click 'Make Direct Debit Optional'

Follow the prompt to confirm the change. Your tenant will now have the option to pay rent via NPP, BPAY or Direct Debit.

Please note, to change back to Direct Debit (always on) the tenant must agree. Learn more.


Your tenant is notified

Your tenant will receive an email confirmation from Cubbi to let them know Direct Debit is now optional with steps to action their Direct Debit schedule cancellation. 

More information on making Direct Debit optional can be found here: Always on vs Optional

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