How to pay with BPAY

To make a BPAY payment, log on to your online banking and use the Biller Code and Reference number provided by Cubbi. In this article we show you how.


Log on to your online banking

Log on to your online banking. Choose the BPAY payment option in Bill Payment.


Enter the payment details

Add in the Biller Code and your unique Reference Number which can be found in Cubbi, from the Payments Due page. 

The Biller Code and Reference Number will be the same for every payment you make regardless wether you pay for rent, bond or other charge on Cubbi.

Don't get the reference number wrong! The Biller Code is unique to Cubbi and the same for everyone whereas your Reference Number is unique to your lease and it's how we know how to allocate the payment to your tenancy and not someone else.

Next enter the exact amount shown in Cubbi to pay for the particular invoice. For example, if your invoice is $99.99, you'll need to pay $99.99, not $100! 

You need to pay the exact amount of the invoice owing, otherwise, it will be allocated as a rent payment. This is because Cubbi automatically allocates all payments made by you. Learn more.


Click Pay

That's it! Your BPAY payment is complete and can take 1-2 business days to reach Cubbi and to show up in your tenancy's payment records.

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