Tenant payment options

Tenants can make payments via BPAY, NPP and Direct Debit.

There are 3 Payment Options

Note: Payment options available for each tenant depends on your lease terms and what the payment is for. Learn here.

Direct Debit

A Direct Debit is where the payment is initiated by Cubbi (not the tenant inside their own banking app). Direct Debit is a great 'set and forget' option to pay rent. However it has the longest processing times. Learn more.

Currently Direct Debit is only available to pay rent. We will be adding the ability to pay bond and other invoices (eg. water) in the future.

Instant bank transfer (NPP) 

Instant bank transfers on the New Payments Platform (NPP) are initiated by the tenant inside their own bank account. However, instead of paying a BSB and Account Number, they will pay to a 'PayID' provided by Cubbi. Payments on the NPP are made in real-time 24/7, 365 days a year. Approximately 30 seconds for the money to reach Cubbi, making it the fastest and most flexible way to make payments. Learn more.

To make payments via the NPP your bank must offer NPP-enabled payments. Learn more.


BPAY payments are initiated by the tenant inside their own bank account using a Biller Code and Reference Number provided by Cubbi. Processing times are 1-2 business days and is the most accessible way to pay rent for the majority of tenants, as long as they have access to their online banking. Learn more.

Does Cubbi charge any fees to make payments?

No. Cubbi does not charge tenants fees to make payments, regardless of the payment method.

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