How to change the Direct Debit deduction date

For Tenants:

As a tenant you can change when your Direct Debit is deducted, based on the number of days before the rent due date.

What does this mean?

Direct Debit payments take 3 business days to clear into Cubbi. This is why Cubbi recommends your Direct Debit is deducted 5 (calendar) days before the due date. 
By default this is set to 5 days. You have the flexibility to change this between 0 and 10 days (or 0 and 5 days if you pay weekly). 
For example, if you select 3 days, the Direct Debit will be deducted 3 days before rent is due. 0 days means the Direct Debit is deducted the same day rent is due. 

Please note, the owner cannot change the days before deduction date.

How to change the Direct Debit deduction date 


Log on to Cubbi

Navigate to the Direct Debit page on your Cubbi Dashboard, where you'll find your current Direct Debit schedule.


Update the days before selection

As soon as you change the selection the schedule will be updated and saved.

If you change this on the day or after the scheduled deduction date it will take effect on the next rent cycle.

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