NPP payment not received by Cubbi

If you are having trouble making an NPP payment to Cubbi this is a good place to be.

You can also read our general article (How to pay on the New Payments Platform) here.

There are key steps when making the transfer to follow:

  1. Enter the correct PayID (you can copy this from your Dashboard).
  2. Enter the Reference Number (15 digits) into the Reference field (copy this from your Dashboard).
  3. Description field; be sure to enter the Reference Number (15 digits) only. Do not use other words like "rent" in this field (we know this is tempting!). 

The reason for the Description field requiring the Reference Number is because banks pass the Reference Number (CRN as they refer to it) differently. 

As a rule, only enter the Reference Number and PayID in when making a NPP payment.

You can see if your NPP payment has been received by Cubbi by checking out the 'Transactions' page in your Cubbi Dashboard. The payment will show up within 30 seconds after making the payment (except for first one you make to Cubbi; as the bank my delay the first one for safety reasons).

If you're still have issues email